Janine Chedd

Janine Chedd; I will be placing my “Organic forms” ( thoughtlings / whisperlings) in the old “soldatenhuisje”…. I hope! These forms, drawn from the shapes I see in the landscape, have emerged from paintings to take on three dimensional forms. En mass they become a quiet ‘crowd’ of forms that appear to be trying to communicate with each other….. These silent forms appear to take on a different feeling/meaning depending on the environment they are placed in. By placing them in the little hut, with it’s connections to WW2…I want these forms to emerge like growing forms from the walls….viewers can then quietly reflect on the ‘crowd’…. what feelings are evoked? Sorrow? Peacefulness?…. they are what they are…the audience can change that…

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“Book Orchard”.

The beautiful surroundings and peacefulness of the landscape is an ideal place to “stop…think…rest…see…feel”  Our lives today are lived at such a high speed where technology and results are foremost.  We forget the small things…. we forget ourselves….we forget to just ‘be’….. “Book Orchard” is a place of reflection.  A time to stop and breathe…. a time to slow down and… read?!


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